Glammis Then and Now

Compiled and published by
Glamis Historical Researchers

Glammis book pic

The Glamis Historical Researchers have been working on a book outlining the history of Glammis since 2007. It was published in 2014 and is now sold out.
It is now also available in pdf format at THIS LINK. Note that copying and printing are restricted without contacting the editor (e-mail below).

This web page holds some of the documents referenced by the book.

  1. Errata - comments from our readers about what is wrong in the book, by page number.
  2. Versions before July 23 2016 had many "f" characters doubled and garbled. My apologies to those affected.
  3. Detailed map of Glammis with civic addresses in 2008
  4. Links for references from the book - often giving more details on a particular topic
  5. Alphabetical list of people associated with Glammis, including first names.  This could help with the many Ferris, MacLennan, and Thompson names in the book index. This list is not complete and does not include more recent (1960+) names)
If you have any pictures or descriptions you would like to contribute, please contact John at