Glammis Then and Now

The Glamis Historical Researchers have put a lot of work into the book, but with 279 pages of details, it is easy to make a mistake. We apologize in advance. The following errors have been noted in our book.

  1. Pg 22, 1853, second paragraph should read:  The McLennans come from Prince Edward Island to settle and farm at the west end of the village. Kenneth McLennan, his wife, Wininah "Weney"(MacRae), and their 9 children arrive via Inverhuron with one horse, one donkey, one cow, one dog, four rabbits, two cats, and eight Bantie chickens. Ken and the oldest child died shortly after arriving, leaving Wininah and her family of eight to carry on. Fortunately, the home in Glamis has already been built.
  2. Pg 32, in 1900, last line should read: "Leslie left Glammis last year and purchased the Tavistock Gazette."
  3. Pg 33, in 1904, last line should read: "There were many meetings between about 1899 and now, but then nothing further is heard."
  4. Pg 41, in 1949, Bert Greer, not Ernie, is Reeve.
  5. Pg 54, bottom paragraph, Murdock McKay was born in 1851 in Puslinch, Wellington County not Scotland. Also, the Purdy Cemetery stones do not agree with official documents. Annie died in 1915 and not 1916 while Christena died in 1878 and not 1882.
  6. Pg 67, 4th paragraph, 2nd line should read 1884 -1889.
  7. Pg 68, The Annie Pickard that taught school at Bradley was not Thomas' wife, but a niece. That sentence should be deleted.
  8. Pg 71, top picture caption should read Mary Heather, not just Heather.
  9. Pg 75, 6th line from the bottom, Violet should be Velvet.
  10. Pg 101, centre of page,  "home for this wife" should be "home for his wife".
  11. Pg 101, 6th line up, Larry and his family are at G1341, not G1399.
  12. Pg 160, wedding picture caption should read: Wilma (Robinson) Johnson, Betty Jean White (sister of the bride) ...
  13. Pg 186, centre of page.  Nancy Bokes should be Nancy Vokes.
  14. Pg 249, James "Jim" Thompson was discharged after WW I and again after WW II.  The date at the end of the 3rd paragraph is for WW I.  It should be the 1941 date as noted in the same paragraph that discusses WW II.
  15. Pg 249, John "Jack" Thompson was born at Lot 35 Conc. 3, and joined the army on February 2.
  16. Pg 254, Campbell MacLennan is buried in Purdy Cemetery.
  17. Pg 255, Lloyd Osbourne was missed from the WW II records.  He served in the navy.  See page 167 for details on his life in Glammis.
  18. Pg 270, Scott Leslie is great-grandson of Frank H. Leslie.
  19. Pg 270, Added Leanore Wiancko, great-granddaughter of Thomas and Annie Pickard.
  20. Pg 276, Added “Oliver, 74” to the index.


  1. Pg 65, In 2016 home was purchased by Pearce and Jenn Fabian.
  2. Pg 101, In 2015, house was purchased by Bob Steadman.
  3. Pg 170, In 2014, home was purchased by Marlin and Becky Good.
  4. Pg 181, In 2014, home was purchased by Bill and Sara MacDonald.
  5. Pg 194, In 2015, home was rented by Wayne Cooper and Jamie Carr.
  6. Pg 195, In 2016, home was purchased by Brandon and Danielle Mullen.
  7. Pg 198, In 2015, home was purchased by Jeff Parker.
  8. Pg 224, In 2013, home was purchased by Colleen Dostle.
  9. Pg 226, In 2016 home was purchased by Jake Eason.
  10. Pg 272-278, added above names to surname index.
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