Glammis Pictures

Historical pictures of Glammis and area

A2010 141 039 - Howard and Sarah Hettrick333 viewsOn cardboard 5 by 7"
Janet Munro married John Alfred HETTRICK, son of Samuel Howard HETTRICK and Sarah Jane SAUNDERS, on September 10, 1930 in Paisley, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada. John was born on November 11, 1909 in Greenock Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada.
Back of picture says "Merry Christmas Mrs Wilson." Janet Munro's father was related to the Wilson family.
A2010 141 040 - no name man -Paisley291 views
A2010 141 041 - no name man -Paisley340 views
A2010 141 042 - Mary and Robert Meddaugh in Port Huron307 viewswriting says Mary Meadow and Robert Medaugh, but the following website describes them as husband and wife: Mary Frances (Mrs. Robert MEDDAUGH);
A2010 141 043 - no name lady- possibly Mary Meadow -Toronto331 views4 by 6.5"
from blue velvet album from Bob Wrightson
Lady bears a marked resemblance to Mary Meadow (Meddaugh) in
A2010 141 044 - no name man300 views.
A2010 141 045 - no name man - tin plate308 views.
A2010 141 046 - no name 3 men - -Newmarket- Bradford- Mt Albert341 viewsThis picture was the Right Wing of the album (high profile location).
Card in this slot said "John Hutton (or Heutton), Minneapolis, Minn
It is unclear if this card referred to this picture or the album, or was just random.
A2010 141 047 - no name man -Paisley305 viewsThis picture was the Left Wing of the album (high profile location).
A2010 141 048 - no name child -poor311 views
A2010 141 049 - farm house and barn -poor337 views
A2010 141 050 - four children -possibly Garbutt-- Michegan311 views
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